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FS: Sailor Moon

Dolls, cards, a purse

Feedback-I have feedback in many doll communities-some feedback threads here and here. I also have feedback on Serasell!


-Paypal only
-Items will be shipped out within one week


Items are being shipped from Canada. If the package is thin enough (under 2cm), the rates will be as follows:

North America: $3
International: $6

For thicker packages (over 2cm), the rates will be as follows:

US: $8.50+
International: $11+
Canada: $10+

Thinner items will be shipped in envelopes protected with tape, while thicker pages (except boxed dolls) will be sent in bubble mailers (or envelopes with bubble wrap if I run out). You can choose to have your item sent in a box, but shipping will increase.

Unless specified, everything that's included is shown in the picture.

Complete with box tuxedo mask. I think he's probably been on display before (but his other things are still attached to the box), since his white shirt is a bit dirty around the collar, and his stand isn't attached in the box anymore (thought it still comes wrapped) The box is worn and the panel has become unattached in places. Would like around $40 for him.

Bandai Korea (?) Sailor Mercury - NRFB, some shelf wear. Would like around $20 for her.
Bandai Korea (?) Sailor Mars - NRFB, some shelf wear. Would like around $15 for her.

Dream pocket Uranus - NRFB, some minor shelf wear - $40
Sailor Moon world Uranus - minor shelf wear, I did open the box up to look at her (though she's never been removed from her backing). - $30

PGSM Usagi - She's in great condition, though not perfectly crisp. She has her stand (not shown) and her complete outfit but no Luna. Would like around $30 for her. SOLD

Dream pocket sailor Mars - She's missing one shoe and the gold paint on her tiara has peeled near the end. Would like around $10 for her. SOLD

Cutie honey dream pocket doll - Wouldn't she make a great school uniform Rei? She's like new, I just bought her to steal some stuff...the plastic head band is still around her head! Would like $6 for her.

Tuxedo mask: His outfit is a little worn, but nothing wrong with him otherwise. Would like around $20 for him. SOLD

Irwin Sailor Uranus: She's not perfectly crisp, but is in good condition. Would like at least $20 for her. SOLD

Bandai Europe (?) Sailor Uranus: Great condition. Would like around $20 for her.

Japanese Sailor Jupiter: Great condition, though outfit is in used condition. Hair tie isn't original, I made it. I think she's the excellent team one. Would like around $15 for her.

Bandai Europe (?) Sailor Jupiter: Great condition. Would like around $12 for her.

Irwin casual Serena outfit (complete): Like new condition. Maybe $5 for the set?

Nude ugly redhead, nude ugly jupiter, nude ugly Serena: All in like new condition, just bought to steal their stuff. I'm thinking $2 each? SOLD

Pajama Serena: Great condition. $5? SOLD

Irwin Uranus: Great condition. Would like around $10 for her.

Patchi set clothing: Maybe $1 for it?

Irwin Sailor jupiter boots: Maybe $3?

Also getting rid of my dream pocket doll collection...since some of the molds are the same, I thought some people here might be interested.

Dream pocket doll set: I took it out to look at it, but everything is still attached to the card. Box is really beat up. The bag isn't heart shaped like the picture shows. I'm thinking $15?

Dream pocket set: Just what's shown. $5 would be fine. I can include the outer box if you want.

Wedding dream pocket doll: Just the doll and dress, I took the shoes and stand. Box is beat up. I'd like around $10 for her. SOLD

Sailor moon bag: In used condition. Could definitely use a cleaning - $6

Thanks for looking!


Casual Serena - body has some slight marks, otherwise great condition. I took down her hair but still have the bobbles if you want them. $10?

Nude Rini - like new condition, except nude. $5?
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